Heavy industry

Accidents hurt, safety doesn’t

Protect your workforce day and night and minimise the impact of high-risk situations such as lifting heavy objects, operating machinery, moving vehicles and working at heights.

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Epic Blue is your go-to safety partner in the heavy industry

Locate anytime, anywhere

Easily locate workers at risk - wherever they are - thanks to a digitally mapped version of your work environment.

Advanced alert system

Trigger manual or automatic alerts for immediate assistance in case of emergency - a must-have for any heavy industry operation.

Keep an

Stay in control and make informed decisions during an emergency with a real-time overview of your workforce.

Protect people

Guardian Application

Transform your smartphone into a 24/7 personal bodyguard with the Guardian app, our advanced lone worker safety application.

The smart alerting system features alerts for every scenario - from manual panic buttons to automatic fall detection, man-down, and amber alerts, plus geofencing for location-based protection.

Get a fast emergency response with our advanced positioning technology that combines GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and inertial for precise location during crises.

Protect privacy

Track safety,
not users

Streamline employee tracking during an emergency while protecting their privacy with our cloud-based dashboard.

Team members are always in control of when their location is visible and don’t have to worry about constant monitoring.

Locate, call and message your employees with just the tap of a finger, thanks to the simple and sleek dashboard design.

Protect infrastructure

Digital twin

Pinpoint exactly where support is needed during a crisis with a digital replica of your worksite.

Epic Blue creates a digital replica of your buildings from blueprints with digital twin technology.

Manually add floors, spaces and areas of interest on the map and see what’s happening in real-time.

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