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Never lose sight of safety

Maximise the safety of your lone workers through the power of privacy-protected location intelligence.

Epic Blue is trusted by industry leaders

Lone Worker Safety application

Guardian Application

Transform your smartphone into a 24/7 personal bodyguard with the Guardian app, our advanced lone worker safety application.

Easily detect, track and alert on-field emergency situations, all directly from your phone.

Features like man-down detection, panic button, silent call, geofencing, indoor and outdoor positioning and more, guarantee top safety for lone workers.

Wearable solutions

Epic wearables

Smartphone not an option? No problem, as we have several stand-alone wearables available, such as our feature-packed medallion and smartwatch.

GPS & Wi-Fi tracking

Panic button

Idle alarm

Fall alarm

Use cases

Worry-free workspaces

We make the safety of your team our top priority,
wherever and whenever they work.

Heavy industry

Stay on top of lone worker safety in even the largest and most hazardous industrial environments.


Maintain direct communication with security agents on patrol, enabling swift intervention when needed.

Other industries

Epic Blue's positioning technology greatly benefits a wide range of other industries as well.

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