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Epic Blue
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GPS signals
Wi-Fi access points
Bluetooth beacons
Inertial sensor positioning
Direct call
Media sharing
Map icons
Panic button (app or discrete)
Fall detection
Man down (non-movement)
Geofences (entry/exit & max people count)
Amber alerts (timed sessions/time-out)
Low signal alert
Low battery alert
Monitoring (live)
Alert management (info, handling options)
Data playback (audit trail)
SMS & email notifications
Phone call notifications
User management
Map grids and overlays
Floorplan integration
Reporting, insights & analytics
Device Status overview
IoT integration
Integrate with your Systems (API)
Disaster communication broadcast (group SMS)

Get safe with Epic Blue

Keep your lone workers safe, starting at €20 per person. Large team? Benefit from lower prices with our group plans. Contact us now for a customized protection plan.

Pricing starts at
/per person
/per month

Frequently asked questions

Got questions about Epic Blue? We've got answers!

Is the Guardian app available internationally?

Yes, the Guardian app works anywhere in the world. We have customers spanning across different regions, from the United States to South Africa. Plus, our dedicated team based in Brussels is ready to provide international assistance, as we are proficient in English, French, Dutch, and German.

Does the Guardian app prioritize personal privacy?

Absolutely. The Guardian app is fully GDPR compliant. You have complete control over when your location is visible, ensuring your personal privacy is protected.

Does Epic Blue offer training, onboarding, and support?

Yes, our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive onboarding information and support to help you get started.

What are the minimum device requirements for the Guardian app?

For iOS users, you need version 13 or newer. Android users require version 8.0 or newer to access the Guardian app.

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