Guardian Application

The app that brings you peace of mind

Transform your smartphone into a 24/7 personal bodyguard with the Guardian app, providing protection in high-risk environments through advanced positioning technology.

Safe & sound features

Always have safety at hand with the Guardian Application, packed with cutting-edge features to give you peace of mind.

Man down detection

Any fall that generates an impact triggers an alarm and activates two-way communication.

Safety alerts

Send out an alarm, manually or automatically, in case of an accident or crisis.

Exact positioning

Share your indoor or outdoor location with your colleagues in case of an emergency.

Dynamic map display

Get a detailed and live overview of your work environment and access to building information.

Instant messaging

Stay connected and protected with direct team communication while you're on the field.


Monitor when a person enters or leaves a specific area.

How we work

Ready to put your workforce and business at the center of safety?
Here’s how we do it.

Intake meeting

We set up a meeting to get to know your business and understand its specific safety needs so we can propose a customized solution.


Once we obtain the blueprints of your buildings, we use digital twin technology to create a digital replica of your entire worksite. In a demo, we showcase how you can run simulations in this virtual sandbox.

And don’t worry, all information is kept strictly confidential as we work under a non-disclosure agreement.

Final setup

We take care of setting up the dashboard and user management, making sure everything is in place for you to effectively manage your safety solutions.

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