• For you to leverage its full benefits,

    the Digital Twin incorporates a range of components which can be plugged into any existing infrastructure.


    seamlessly leverages any positioning technology and determines the most accurate positioning at a given time


    ties in sensor IoT streams and business data to obtain a high-fidelity digital representation of the reality


    triggers machine learning-based activity detection, persona building and pattern discovery

    4D analytics

    establishes both reactive and predictive alerts on hazards, anomalies, and deviations. Offers options for optimization

  • An integral partner of our Digital Twin are your staff members.

    Therefore they deserve a tool that gives the freedom to operate, eliminates the use of paper and automatically captures IoT & sensor data.

    procedures & instructions

    Get access to optimal

    workflows, only relevant for a

    specific person or location

    inspection & reporting

    Audit, give feedback and

    maintain a digital logbook of

    your operations in real-time

    process information

    Use visual analytics

    for fast understanding

    of the situation

    predictive issue solving

    Get autonomous alerts

    of events that trigger

    preventive actions

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