• Digital Twin technology

    active in a variety of industries as a valuable tool to increase output, performance and safety

  • Security

    Our security customers continuously aim for safe and secure ways to conduct their operations. By combining Location Intelligence and advanced data science, our engine drives a collaborative platform to locate, analyze and manage security operations. Its adoption has a direct impact on the safety, effectiveness and accountability of our customer’s field teams.

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  • First responders

    In emergencies , where every second counts and multiple events coincide, a holistic overview of the situation is crucial. epic.blue offers real-time seamless positioning and information fusion for incident response teams to enhance their situational awareness and decision making capabilities.

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  • Industry 4.0

    Empower your teams with the right tools to efficiently solve complex and potentially costly operational bottlenecks. Get insights and discover opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce unforeseen downtime of your facilities.

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