• Location intelligence at the heart of a strong security


    Protecting and guarding properties is a task that requires a high level of awareness of the premises. A clear insight on where your security agents are in real-time, is therefore a valuable asset for success


    Develop a solution that positions the security agents in real-time on a map, that is useable in indoor and outdoor locations without the need to install hardware infrastructures (beacons, radars, tags,...)

  • 1

    Our robust wearable is an indispensable part of the outfit of your security agents. It determines the accurate position of a person, even when GPS-signals are unavailable, such as in a building, forest, urban canyons, …


    Our platform captures and fuses this data with other relevant information.


    We visualize in real-time all this information in online dashboard or mobile applications


    Communicate mission critical input to your field agents or other parties.

  • Result

    Increase the freedom to operate

    Let your security agents focus on their mission, which is preventing, detecting and protecting property. Therefore, illuminate additional tasks related to registration or badging-in on fixed checkpoints.

    Generate transparent reports of the overall surveillance

    Prove the activity of your agents to your customer.

    Improve capacity management and flexibility

    Optimize the surveillance routes of your field agents in order to increase the quality of security

    Reaction time

    Shortened response times in case of emergency or

  • Need more information? Our white paper is available upon request.