• Create Location Awareness

    Seamless and real-time positioning of

    your people in the field

  • We spend 85% of our time in a GPS-denied environment...

    Positioning based on satellite signals is therefore frequently impossible.

    Moreover, relying on beacon installations for indoor positioning, is often not scalable or just too costly.

  • Next generation location device

    EPIC blue has developed a robust wearable that accurately pinpoints in real-time a person’s location on a map. Even when GPS-signals are unavailable, such as in buildings, mines, or urban canyons.


    Sensor fusion & machine learning

    Our wearable is packed with sensors which continuously generate data streams. Our complex mathematical algorithm uses this data together with the available operational context to accurately locate a person’s position in any environment.


  • 3D tracking

    Instant deployment and rollout

    GDPR-compliant administration

    Unrestrained area coverage

    Battery saving intelligence

    Real-time track service

  • Need more information? Our white paper is available upon request.