drive safety & productivity to a new level

  • Human centric innovation for

    the Connected Mine


    People are a mine's most valuable asset. Securing their safety while improving the overall efficiency, demands for the right technology.


    By connecting all workers with our advanced Positioning Technology System, we empower them to achieve continual improvements and to minimize risks.

  • Create real-time location awareness for the mine of the future







  • Positioning system

    Our ability to capture indoor and outdoor location data creates high value information ideally suited for real-time data mining in view of predictive operational excellence, regulatory-driven reporting, and staff safety. EPIC blue builds on increasingly connected mining operations, and leverages existing infrastructure investments.

    With access to real-time information, positioning and centralised control, it is possible to fine tune shift planning with well-defined algorithms that optimise production planning.

  • Control of risks

    Better planning

    Improved communication

  • The best possible technology in combination with the continuous monitoring of our work makes the job a lot clearer!

    Creating safe workplaces for all mine workers is our highest priority.

    The use of an advanced positioning system is the cornerstone

    of our well-established safety culture.

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