• Operational awareness

    Location-based insights for educated decisions

  • The ultimate mission support tool​

    Organisations benefit from technology if the solutions succeed in delivering the right information at the right time in a manner which makes sense to the people. The means to achieve this varies greatly according to the various organizations: dashboards, control centers, mobile apps, etc..

  • Horus C2i is a light-weight command and control capability for commanders in the field

    Horus C2i has been engineered to expedite a near real-time flow from data to operational awareness. It integrates tracking data, maps, blue prints, incident information, video streams, incident response symbols, line of sight calculations, etc… It fuses the feeds in order to create one consistent picture for the operator.


    The tool is of immense value to ensure a coordinated response to an emergency, as annotations can be shared across the different teams on the scene.

  • Need more information? Our white paper is available upon request.